November’s meeting

John Bassett OBE returns to give us another more modern talk. His previous forays into Allied WW2 covert operations and the Cuban missile crisis have passed into Society legend as not to be missed events. This talk will look at the county’s links to the British union of Fascists in the inter war years, and also the English speaking elements of the Brandenburger group, operated by German intelligence during WW2, and looks to be equally enthralling.

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These tickets are for entry to the meeting at Delapre Abbey. They are free to paid up members, and £5 to non-members. In a change to previous meetings, non-members must pay through the Eventbrite website, and tickets are non-refundable.

For members unable to attend in person a Zoom link has been sent out with the notification email.

October’s Meeting – AGM

As Hallowe’en approaches, Gemma Hollman, who runs the “Just History” website comes to talk to us about Royalty and Witchcraft.

NB This meeting will be preceded by the Society’s AGM, which will commence at 7pm. This should last for about 30 minutes before we hand over to our speaker

Gemma published her debut book, “Royal Witches”, in 2019. The book covers four women of Royal Blood who in the 15th century were accused of witchcraft. Two of these women, Jacquetta and Luxembourg and Elizabeth Woodville, have a close Northamptonshire connection. Gemma will be sharing their stories and explaining the importance and the relevance of the accusations made against them in this earlier, more superstitious time.

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September’s Meeting

Lynn’s talk will look at what we know about women of Northamptonshire through the pages of the Domesday Book. Expect to be surprised at what she has discovered.

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Tickets Released for June’s Talk

This month’s talk is by Nathen Amin. It’s great to have him back. He was about our last speaker before Lockdown and he was very popular and well received. Ticket and Zoom details have been emailed out to paid up members.

The talk will be in the Delapre Abbey library, commencing 7:30pm. Doors open 7pm.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite: Entry is free to members, £7.50 to non-members.

28th April – Making History

This month’s talk is by Major Tom Mouat MBE, who was part of the team that helped to implement the Dayton Peace Agreement that brought the Bosnian War to an end over 25 years ago. This will be a unique opportunity to hear about one of the pivotal events of late 20th century history from someone who was there.

Entry is free to Society members, or £7.50 on the door for non-members. Please book a ticket through our Eventbrite link:

24th February Matt Lewis – Yorkist Foreign Policy

An email has gone out to members with details for next week’s talk by Matthew Lewis on “Yorkist Foreign Policy 1461-1485” . The meeting is on 24th February. Talk starts at 7:30pm, doors open 7.00pm. The volunteers from Delapre Abbey are providing a tea and coffee station in the Salon next to the Library (please make a donation in the box provided) for those who want some refreshment before we start (and perhaps afterwards too!)Tickets for attendance in person at Delapre Abbey are now available via Eventbrite: