The Society has several experienced public speakers who are available to talk at any group or event where an entertaining 45 – 90 minutes about Northamptonshire’s history and other historical subjects might be suitable. We have provided speakers for Local History Groups, Commemorative Events and national organisations such as the Richard III Society. Contact the Society at to check availability and fees. If there’s a local history subject, both military and non-military, not given below that you are interested in, let the Society know as we may well have one in our back catalogue that is suitable!

Mike Ingram

Mike is the Chair of the Society, and a noted local historian and heritage activist. He has written several books, including the Society’s book on Northampton 1460 and more recently on Richard III and Bosworth. He is a regular on local radio, and led the campaign to Save our Eleanor Cross. He is also a Trustee of the Naseby Project. Talks available from Mike include:

  • The Barons War in Northamptonshire
    Northamptonshire’s importance in the campaign that led to Magna Carta is often overlooked. This talk puts it right back in the centre where it belongs.
  • The Battle of Northampton 1460
    The Battle that caused the Society to be founded. Learn about this pivotal battle in the Wars of the Roses that took place in the shadow of the Eleanor Cross.
  • Northampton and the Gunpowder plot
    The plotters met and organised their dastardly scheme in and around Northampton, which has many locations linked to the ambitious attempt to assassinate England’s first Stuart monarch.

Graham Evans

Graham is the Society’s Secretary, and edits our Quarterly newsletter “The Wild Rat”. He has a degree in Modern and Medieval History and wrote the Society’s book on Edgcote 1469. He also organised the very successful Battle of Edgcote 550th anniversary conference that took place in July 2019. Talks available from Graham include:

  • The Battle of Edgcote 1469 – A tale of a Battle, a Betrayal and a Barmaid
    Much misunderstood and overlooked, the Edgcote campaign and battle is rich in incident and importance as it marks the irrevocable breach between Warwick the Kingmaker and Edward IV.
  • The Man who Arrested the Earl – The Life of William Boteler
    William Boteler, a native of Barnwell near Oundle, was the Military Governor of Northamptonshire during the Protectorate
  • How to become King in Medieval England
    A slightly light-hearted and sideways look at what we think we know about medieval kingship from Hastings to Bosworth which comes to some unexpected and surprising conclusions

Phil Steele

Phil is a founding member of the Society, a Trustee of the Battlefields Trust and the Naseby Project and a Life Vice President of the Society of Ancients. He is also active in the Friends of Kettering Art Gallery and Museum. Talks available from Phil include:

  • The Battle of Naseby, 1645. Scouts, Spies and downright Lies
    A look at the Battle of Naseby with particular emphasis on why the armies fought where they did and who knew what about who.
  • The Art of War
    Medieval conflict through the eyes of contemporary art. Medieval art in all its forms is a much under utilised resource in understanding exactly how armies of the period at battles like Northampton and Edgcote actually fought.
  • The Eleanor Cross
    From her construction by a grieving King to much loved local land mark, the Eleanor Cross has played its part in our county’s varied history.