We regularly give tours of the Northampton 1460 battlefield and the others in our area, Edgcote and Naseby. These are announced on our Facebook page and our “Out & About” tab, and take place on or about the anniversary of the battles.

If you would like a personal tour for yourself or your group, please contact us for prices and arrangements. We try to accommodate most requests, but all of our guides are volunteers and may not always be available on specific dates.

Northampton 1460

We mark the anniversary of the 1460 battle with an evening commemoration which includes a wreath laying at the Eleanor Cross and short explanation of the battle from the corner of the golf course.

Whenever there is a heritage event at Delapre Abbey you will normally find us offering longer walks round the battlefield throughout the day.

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The Northampton 1460 battlefield from near the Cross

Other pre-arranged walks are announced on our Facebook page.

Edgcote 1469

We normally mark the anniversary with an evening walk round the battlefield, starting at a pub in Chipping Warden. This walk can take over two hours, so even on a summer’s evening it can be a tight fit.

The Edgcote 1469 Battlefield on the 550th anniversary walk

Other walks take place at weekends in the afternoon, and again are announced on our Facebook page.

Naseby 1645

The Naseby walks are done in association with the Naseby Project, and also include an annual walk in December often with re-enactors present

The Naseby Battlefield in December 2019, together with Sealed Knot artillery team

Walking the field in December allows the terrain to be more easily appreciated due to the lack of foliage. Our experience also tells us that it isn’t always guaranteed to be dryer in the summer!