Battles and Battlefields of Northamptonshire Book

The authors of the Society’s monographs on Northampton 1460 and Edgcote 1469 join forces to provide a comprehensive survey of Northamptonshire’s military history from the Romans and Boudicca, through King John and the Barons Wars (both of them), the Wars of the Roses, the English Civil War and ending with the county’s very own Battle of Waterloo, with many stops on the way.

The County’s location across key north/south routes in England and its prosperous, well watered and fertile countryside make it the ideal place for armies to march and meet up. All of this means that the County’s history is inevitably intertwined with the nation’s conflicts; without understanding the county’s battles it is difficult to understand the county itself.

Mike and Graham take the reader through the region’s military history in an easy to read and accessible way. Each chapter is accompanied by location and battle maps, advice on visiting the sites and suggested books for further reading. Here’s what readers have said about the book:

“The Northampton Battlefields Society’s publications are always well-written and researched. Combining academic and practical knowledge that only enthusiastic scholars with local connection to the subject, their books come across as personal journeys through the events and locations presented. This volume is exceptional in this respect.” 

“An excellent book, and a very interesting read. Well written by authors who know their subject inside out. Thank you for enlightening me about the history of my home county.”

“This book is very well written and researched, but more importantly for me, very easy to read! I had no idea the county I grew up in was the centre of so much history. I was genuinely surprised and amused by some of the things I read.”

The book costs £9.99, and is available from the Society’s stand or direct from Amazon. The Society has a few copies for postal sale. These are free of p&p to fully paid up Society members, or add £3 if you are not.