Lockdown Lectures

As the first COVID lockdown took hold in 2020, members of the Society took to Facebook, led by Chair Mike Ingram, to share a range of stories from Northamptonshire’s rich and turbulent history. From the earliest prehistoric settlers in the Chalke Lane Car Park, to a man told he was King by his cat, the Witchcraft Trial of the Queen’s mother, and the Eleanor Cross, Northamptonshire’s past has something for everyone.

When we’d finished the series of posts it seemed a shame for all the work to go to waste, so we put together a 188 page, full colour book with the posts revised and updated, together with new illustrations where necessary, and made it available as a memento of what we were doing when the world seemed to stop.

It even includes a chapter on what Northampton used to do when plague hit in times gone by.

The book retails for £35 if you get it from Amazon, but full members of the Society can pick it up for £25, a saving of £10.