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Coronovirus & Our Meetings

Nostradamus was most famous Plague Doctor during Black Death years

Regrettably we have had to take the decision to cancel all of our Monthly Meetings until further notice. This is done with a heavy heart as we have some excellent speakers coming up in the next few months that we were expecting to be very popular. However, given the guidance issued by the Government and also given that a fair number of our membership fall into the “at risk” category we think it is best if we hold off until things improve.

We will be in touch with the speakers affected by this decision and we will re-book them to come and talk to us as soon as it is possible for us to do so.

Finally, we wish the best to all of our members, and hope that you all come through this temporary inconvenience unscathed.

The NBS Committee

Our Next Conference

We’re starting the planning for our next conference, which will probably take place sometime in 2021, as we aim to run one every 18-24 months. The venue will be local to Northampton, but we’re waiting on news about the new museum before committing to a location. We expect to follow the same format as the successful 2019 Edgcote Conference.

We are still considering the subject, so if you want to have your say, head over to the Facebook page and take part in the poll that is running there. All of the options will probably receive the Conference treatment eventually we just want to confirm that the options are viable, so you can select as many as you like or are interested in.

Membership Cards

The membership year started again on the 1st January. New Membership Cards were posted out on the 13th January, together with a copy of the Speaker Programme Leaflet and a welcome letter. If you haven’t received one it’ll be either because we have your address wrong or because you haven’t resubscribed.

Wild Rat No 19

The latest edition of the Wild Rat newsletter was emailed out on the 3rd January. It includes articles about all of the talks in the last quarter as well as updates on all of our activities. If you haven’t received one then it probably means you haven’t re-subscribed.