February’s Meeting

23rd February 2023

2nd St Albans, fought on the 17th February 1461, was one of the largest battles of the Wars of the Roses. Following their defeat at Northampton the year before and the capture of Henry VI, the Lancastrians counterattacked with their victory at Wakefield in December 1460. Early the following year a large army, put together by Queen Margaret , headed south from the Lancastrian heartlands to capture London and free the King. They would be confronted by the Earl of Warwick in one of the largest battles of the Wars of the Roses.

Mike Elliot is the co-author of the “Battleground” book on the battles of St Albans. He is a member of the Battlefields Trust and an experienced battlefield guide for the area. Having walked the ground many times, Mike will offer a real insight in to what actually happened at one of the Kingmaker’s biggest defeats.

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The Chair attains international fame

Because Social Media is what it is you never know who is going to contact you. So I suppose I should expect the odd message asking if I’m “that Graham Evans”. Well, in respect of our book about Edgcote in 1469, I am. In this case I was also asked if I’d go a bit of an introduction for a wargame video for a refight of Edgcote using model figures. Well, I had some free time, so why not. The result is posted below. It might amuse some of you. It made me laugh.

And please don’t tell me that our American friend can’t pronounce Warwick correctly. He knows now.