Threat to 1460 battlefield continues

Press release issued today by the Lib Dems regarding last nights meeting of the Far Cotton Residents association, and its not good for the 1460 Battlefield.


Conservative Portfolio holder still refuses to rule our development on Battlefield Site


At a meeting of Far Cotton Residents association last night, the Conservative portfolio holder for parks and the environment once again refused to rule out development on the park land at Eagle Drive.

The Councillor, when questioned, read a statement from the leader and refused to be drawn any further. The statement did not rule out development.

Cllr. Brendan Glynane (Lib Dem, Delapre and Rushmere) said “It is nothing short of cowardice from this Conservative administration to hide important information from residents. Either they should set all of our minds at rest, and confirm they will not allow development on this important historical site, or they should tell us what they really plan – so we can fight them tooth and nail. Sneaking development behind residents back is just dishonest.”

Cllr. Glynane added “It was made extremely clear to the portfolio holder once again last night that the residents of Far Cotton do not want and will not accept development on this site. I hope this administration’s record of complete disregard for our town’s heritage will not continue.”


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