First Meeting of the Year sees large turnout

Mike Brown and some Mandrake

Our first meeting of the year had a record turnout for the last 12 months, with about 60% of our members participating either on line or in person. We started with our EGM, which saw Graham Evans elected as Chair, Steve Churchus as Vice Chair, Lynn Aisbett as Secretary and Vincent Clive taking over as Treasurer. Other committee posts were unchanged. Graham was optimistic that this new team would be able to take the Society forwards and build on Mike Ingram’s legacy.

The speaker for the evening was Michael Brown, who gave us “Death in the Garden”. This was one of Michael’s Talks that our own Mike had specifically asked for. It was a good choice and held the audience enthralled. A full report will appear in the next edition of our newsletter, “The Wild Rat”.

Michael didn’t have any of his books on the subject on hand to sell, but they are currently available from Amazon for £12.99:

Michael would also like it to be known that his latest book on medieval gardens is available from the publishers with a £5 discount, making it cheaper than Amazon:

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