26th January talk

Our first talk of the year visits a subject at the centre of military history in all periods – what do commanders do and how do they lead?

How did medieval military leaders communicate with their troops in the midst of battle? Did commanders always lead from the front? Did poor leadership ensure defeat? This talk will address these questions and more, as it explores the vital influences of leaders in battle – as tacticians, inspirational figures, and fighters – throughout the medieval period.

Dr Rachael Whitbread is a writer, historian, and educator. She researches and writes about various aspects of conflict in medieval and early Tudor England. Her first book, ‘Battle: Understanding Conflict from Hastings to Helmand’ was released in September 2022.

The talk is free to fully paid up members. Non-members can attend for £5.00, payable when you book your ticket. If you join on the night (£20 single membership, £30 for a family) this will be deducted from your membership fee. Memberships taken out at the event cover the meeting and the rest of 2023.

Tea and coffee will be available in the Salon before the meeting. This is being arranged by the Delapre Abbey volunteers, and a donation box for payments will be provided.

To book your ticket for personal attendance at Delapre Abbey ONLY, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-the-battles-won-and-lost-leadership-in-medieval-battles-1066-1485-tickets-515535038177

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