May’s Meeting

For May we will be welcoming Society member Ian Russell Lowell. Many of you will know Ian from when he lived in Wellingborough and Northampton, and several will have attended one of his courses at Knuston Hall, before its untimely closure.

Ian’s range of interests are eclectic and include art, theology, wargaming and the history of playing cards, all of which are contributing to his talk, along with several others.

This talk will look at the role of Northampton’s twin city of Marburg in Germany during the Reformation. Northampton was known as a hot bed of radical religious thought, and our German counterparts were no slouch in this area either. During this evening we will be finding out how preaching, playing cards, landsknechts*, knights, snails and shoes have particular significance for the German Reformation and for Marburg.

*If you don’t know what a landskneckt is you’ll just have to come along to find out, won’t you?

Tickets FOR PERSONAL ATTENDANCE ONLY are available on Eventbrite:

The talk is free to fully paid up members. Non-members can attend for £5.00, payable when you book your ticket. If you join on the night (£20 single membership, £30 for family) this will be deducted from your fee. Memberships taken out at the event cover the meeting and the rest of 2023.

Tea and coffee will be available in the Salon before the meeting. This is being arranged by the Delapre Abbey volunteers, and a donation box for payments will be provided.

Members attending by Zoom do not need to book a ticket.

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