Northamptonshire Battlefields Society Speakers Programme 2021

All talks start at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated
Venue: Currently Talks are available to members only, via Zoom.  An announcement about restarting physical meetings and location will be made in due course
Members: Free,  Non-Members £7.50

28 January
Military Aspects of Medieval Welsh Poetry- Dr Jenny Day

The Welsh Poets of the 15th century were the hit of the Edgcote Conference in 2019. Jenny is the expert on weaponry in Welsh Medieval poetry, so we are excited she is able to come and tell us more about this fascinating historical resource.

25 February
Uncrowned Queen: The Fateful Life of Margaret Beaufort – Dr Nicola Tallis

Margaret Beaufort is a pivotal figure in English history and one who divides opinions. “Uncrowned Queen” is Nicola’s third book, following biographies of Lady Jane Grey and Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester.

25 March
Like Father and Son? Warwick the Kingmaker and Edward IV – David Santiuste

David makes the case for the much overlooked Edward IV. Often only thought of as Richard III’s older brother, Edward was the most successful war leader of the Wars of the Roses, and it is about time for a thorough re-assessment of his life and times.

29 April
 The Arte Militaire – Warwick Louth 

Warwick is an experienced battlefield guide and trained as a battlefield archaeologist. His book, “The Arte Militaire” is a ground breaking study of historic military manuals and their use today in understanding battles.

27 May
The Northampton Riots – Mike Ingram

Northampton has not always been a peaceful town. Under the pressure of a growing population and radical ideas, its citizens often vented their feelings in a violent fashion. This is the story of civil disturbance in Northampton

24 June
Northamptonshire and the Cuban Missile Crisis  – John Bassett OBE

A couple of years ago John enthralled us with his talk on the SOE and OSS operations planned in Northamptonshire. Now he’s back to talk about our county’s role as the world stood on the brink of oblivion. John worked for over a decade in the Foreign Office and GCHQ, so offers us a unique perspective on events.

29 July
How Battles were fought in the Wars of the Roses – Phil Steele

Arrow storms, artillery barrages, cavalry charges or foot soldiers and men at arms in an unseemly brawl? What is the truth about the late 15th century English Art of War? Phil revisits the many sources looking for an answer.

August No talk

30 September
Medieval Rebellions – Matthew Lewis

Matt Lewis branches out to a multi-reign analysis of the cause and nature of rebellions in Medieval England, with his latest book. Matt is always an entertaining and popular speaker, and we are pleased to have him back.

28 October
AGM & talk (NB 7:00pm start)
Philip Skippon – The Christian Centurion – Dr Ismini Pells

Phillip Skippon was a very important part of the group of officers who won the Civil War for Parliament. Often overlooked compared to Fairfax, Cromwell, Essex and Waller, at last we get to hear his story

26 November
The Monstrous Regiment –  Graham Evans

Long before the modern debate about whether women should serve in the front line, some joined up anyway disguised as men. The Wild Rat’s editor looks at some of their amazing stories, as we find out why they joined up, where they fought and how they did, and did not, escape detection.


All information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to changes.  Please keep in touch with the Society through our page on Facebook for the latest updates and news.

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