March’s Meeting

30th March 2023

Society member Chris Kemp has had a varied career, from running “Tradewinds” outdoor leisure shop in Wellingborough, to working in the NHS. Before all of that he was an officer in the Royal Engineers, and was one of those who was part of Operation Corporate – better known to the rest of us as “The Falklands Task Force”.

Victory in the Falklands was not a foregone conclusion. Chris served throughout the conflict, from “Bomb Alley” to Port Stanley. In this personal account he will discuss, amongst other things, the engineering that made victory possible and his participation in events that have passed into our history almost first hand through media coverage at the time.

More than 40 years on from the conflict, this is the first time Chris has spoken publicly about his experiences during the war. It will present a unique opportunity to hear about what when on from someone who was there in a very much hands on role.

This promises to be one of our unique “you had to be there” meetings, where someone with genuine, close up knowledge of what went on is coming to talk to us. Not to be missed.

Tickets FOR PERSONAL ATTENDANCE ONLY are available on Eventbrite:

The talk is free to fully paid up members. Non-members can attend for £5.00, payable when you book your ticket. If you join on the night (£20 single membership, £30 for family) this will be deducted from your fee. Memberships taken out at the event cover the meeting and the rest of 2023.

Tea and coffee will be available in the Salon before the meeting. This is being arranged by the Delapre Abbey volunteers, and a donation box for payments will be provided.

Members attending by Zoom do not need to book a ticket.

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